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Western Images.

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 Above the Window. Acrylic on board. 25 x 27.5" 

Ravens Roost. Acrylic on Board 25x27.5" 

Hageman Lake Pictograph. Acrylic on Board 25 x 27.5"

Above the Wall. Acrylic on Board. 25 x 27.5" 

One More Yellow Duster.  24 x 39" Acrylic on board

She Done Him Wrong. 16 x 20" Acrylic on board

Fancy Dancer. Acrylic on board 16 x 20"

Of Wreck and Ruin. 20 x 16" Acrylic on canvas.

Will's S%#T! Kickers. 11 x 14" Acrylic on board 

Gift for the Teacher. 9 x 12" Acrylic on Board 


Artifacts. 12 x 9" Acrylic on Board  

Fancy Dancer. Acrylic on board 9 12"

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